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Captain Marvel Trailer 2

Captain Marvel Trailer 1


Marvel Studios kicks off 2019 with Captain Marvel, the 21st movie in its Marvel Cinematic Universe, which marked its 10th anniversary in 2018. For all of Marvel Studios' films, Captain Marvel marks the first time a female superhero has headlined her own movie (the first female hero to be featured in an MCU movie title was Evangeline Lilly's Wasp in last year's Ant-Man and the Wasp), with Brie Larson's Carol Danvers stepping up to the plate. Captain Marvel is also the first MCU film to be co-directed by a woman, with the team of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck helming the introduction of one of Marvel Comics' most beloved heroes. Captain Marvel has all the usual MCU humor and action (with a few surprises), and plenty of girl power moments in Larson's strong performance.

Carol Danvers' big screen debut has been a long time coming and while Captain Marvel definitely serves as a strong introduction for the fan-favorite comic book character, it ultimately feels more like it's setting the stage for what comes next rather than focusing on the character's here and now in the mid-1990s. In many ways, this is the Iron Man 2 of Phase 3 and the movie ends in a way that makes it feel like we've just sat through half a story rather than the entire thing and that's a strange move on Marvel's part, especially when we're so used to them telling self-contained tales that just so happen to link to a larger universe.  Along the way, this origin story delivers some great surprises and features a lot of fun moments; however, the script isn't overly strong and this unorthodox approach to exploring how Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel works in some ways and not in others. It's hard to say whether directors Ryan Fleck and Anne Boden were in over their heads with the material or working with a script that simply didn't give the opportunity to reach the heights they otherwise could have.

None of this is to say that Captain Marvel is a bad movie. It won't go down as a classic like Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, or Thor: Ragnarok and is instead closer to Phase 1 efforts like Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor. That still makes it better than 90% of superhero movies out there and there's a lot this one gets right. For starters, Brie Larson is an absolute delight to watch and while it's hard to escape the feeling that she could have done with stronger material in places, she's clearly having a lot of fun and has a hardened, snarky attitude which almost guarantees she will become a beloved MCU staple moving forward. The Oscar-winner's performance is great from start to finish and if Marvel was looking to create a role model for young girls (and everyone else for that matter), they definitely succeeded. Samuel L. Jackson gets plenty of opportunities to steal the show as the younger Nick Fury, while Ben Mendohlson's Talos takes us to some unexpected places and is a great deal of fun to spend time with. Jude Law is a highlight as Yon-Rogg but the rest of Starforce tend to fade into the background, while I expected more from Annette Benning. On the plus side, Lashana Lynch is awesome as Maria Rambeau and arguably could have done with some additional screen time here.

As a package, Captain Marvel definitely works as an introduction for the character and had it come out five years ago, it probably would have been considered the best MCU movie to date. As it stands, it's a good effort and the stage has been set for Carol Danvers to become one of the new, leading faces of this shared world. The 90s setting is enjoyable and the special effects are impressive despite the visuals not being anywhere near as unique as we've seen in other, similar releases. It's a must-see but keep your expectations in check because the hero still needs to go that little bit Higher. Further. Faster.

Captain Marvel is a really great movie that goes into aspects of the MCU that we had never seen before. The movie has some really great plot twists that elevate it greatly. The acting and characterization is on point and it explains unanswered questions really well as well as sets up the next movie in the franchise (Avengers: Endgame). Would absolutely recommend this, especially if you’re a fan of Marvel!!! FULL PRICE Rating!!!


Shazam: Trailer 2

Shazam: Comic Con Clip

Shazam: Comic Con Trailer


S-H-A-Z-A-M. Solomon-Hercules-Atlas-Zeus-Achilles-Mercury. Once the biggest/most popular superhero in the world, even over Batman and Superman for a brief stint in the 1940's under the name “Whiz Comics”, a being mired in Greek mythology was concocted with the radical notion: what if a kid got to be the superheroes they read so much about in comic books? It sold like hot-cakes and mesmerized millions of youngsters seeing the red, white, and gold comet race across the sky stopping bad guys and become a connectable hope-symbol and wish-fulfillment for young and old audiences-alike. The *original* Captain Marvel - he donned the name decades before Marvel stole-it. He was a hero I related and looked up to for years, and finally got a movie. And I'm here to tell you, something I never thought I'd ever say: It might be the best DC movie, and possibly overall-*superhero* movie along with Aquaman & Spider-Verse, since Nolan’s Dark Knight.

The cocktail of different ingredients on display. Director Adam F. Sandberg has mixed up a dazzling array of ingredients to reinvigorate and innovate the increasingly-tired superhero genre: It works as a coming-of-age story with immaculate character development and emotion, superhero origin with powerful theme explorations and villain action, Christmas movie I have a suspicion might elevate itself to the top of some lists there, mythology adventure masterfully handling and palatably-presenting the iconic Shazam/Seven Deadly Sins-lore built over 70+ years, and most of all: comedy. It is a peculiar, refreshing, brilliant mash-up of elements I've never seen presented in such a way - and it works on every possible level.

Next, Zachary Levi. Oh boy, I cannot even find the words to describe how much joy he brought to this canvas. I will guiltfully admit: I was not sold on the casting when it was announced. I was even *gasp* disappointed. Now, I sincerely apologize for ever doubting and will exercise extreme caution ever doubting casters again. Zachary Levi was BORN FOR THIS ROLE, in fact, I might need some convincing he's not actually a teenager in a man's body. He has an effortless delivery, comedic presence, and fun atmosphere/vibe that brings honor to the lore, fits with the muscular strength superheroes should have, and exudes an old-world, nostalgic, classic-Superman class and aura. This is a lifetime-casting and I couldn't possibly be happier with the results. Beyond Levi, everyone else in the film is perfectly cast with phenomenal performances as well, especially Asher Angel playing a *perfect* Billy Batson, Mark Strong's Dr. Sivana (will get to later), Dijmon's haunted wizard-Shazam, Jack Dylan Grazer's side-splitting comic relief Freddy Freeman, and the rest of the *certain* family that cameos in the end!

The cinematography, score, and tone. THIS is how you do a superhero comedy. DC captures lightning in a bottle with one of the funniest superhero movies ever, even perhaps funnier than Deadpool and completely accurate to the character. However, the film never mixes business with pleasure or falls into the MCU-trap either keeping clear lines between comedy and even darkness with its chilling villain Dr. Sivana showing the dark side of childhood/"why not me?" and coming-of-age thematics/family drama complete with immaculate emotion and character writing. The cinematography is stunning too in shot set-up & scoring classic & triumphantly nostalgic in genre history. The only minuscule flaw I found is not naming Shazam in-film and the somewhat-lackluster 2nd post-credits scene (1st one's incredible though!). Overall, Shazam is an incredible, extremely-fresh genre-revitalization that stands as one of the best in the superhero genre's history. FULL PRICE rating!!!


Hellboy: Red Band Trailer

Hellboy 2019 Trailer 1


Avengers: Endgame Official Trailer

Avengers: Endgame TV Spot Clip

Avengers: Endgame IMAX Teaser


We finally made it to the very best Chapter in the MCU, True Believers! Even though last year’s Avengers: Infinity War was great in any aspect of any comic book film, however, Avengers: Endgame just surpassed all of that! Now anyone that knows me knows that I’m the poster child for MCU IMAX films, now if you can’t appreciate aspect ratio changes throughout a movie or watch a film shot entirely in IMAX, then something is truly wrong with you!!!

Well, it’s finally here. After over a decade and 21 films, the great — and wildly successful — experiment that has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe is ready to bring its first volume to a close. We say “first volume” because, by all indications, the franchise is set to continue for the near future, even if we can’t quite predict whether or not the upcoming slate of Marvel movies will be anywhere near as successful. Avengers: Endgame follows up on last year’s Infinity War, which ended with half of all life being snapped into oblivion by big bad Thanos, by bringing together the remaining heroes to figure out if there’s anything they can do to fix the situation. I’ll refrain from spoilers here, but suffice it to say critics are largely quite pleased with how Endgame brings everything full circle, providing epic battles, poignant character moments, and suitably satisfying conclusions to some narrative threads. In other words, this is everything Marvel fans could hope for, and those who have been following along with the exploits of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the rest of the gang should leave the theater fully content, if maybe a little bit sad

Overall, as a diehard comic book fanboy, this a dream filled experience. I grew up loving these characters from the comics as a child, now I love both DC and Marvel respectively, but this exceeded all my expectations, even if the trailers had fake footage! That being said the astonishing work done by Kevin Feige and the creative team at Marvel Studios is beyond amazing. They brought new life to these legendary characters for audiences to watch and enjoy. The MCU has been an exciting experience throughout the course of 22 Chapters telling a narrative with unique creativity and wonderful memories by a cast that have transcended to super stars. This is a great tribute to Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and the founding fathers of the Marvel Comics industry started off with an idea that has now become mainstream pop culture. Avengers Endgame is the end of the first volume. What comes next you'll just have to wait and see... Thank you Russo Brothers for giving us a masterpiece of the film!!! This is a BETTER THAN SEX rating for me, that just a figure of speech, if you don’t like the rating I gave it, then you can kiss my Avenging lovin’ Black Ass!!!!


John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum Trailer


Godzilla: King Of The Monsters IMAX Trailer 2

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Comic Con Trailer 1


MIB: International Trailer


Spider-Man: Far From Home Dolby Trailer




Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser